I Do Stuff

Client: Hello! I have a big shopping list of things my company needs, can you let me know which bits you can help us out with? We need…

  • Print Illustration for magazine features
  • Digital illustration for our website
  • Editorial illustrations for our articles
  • Custom artwork for our office walls
  • Social media stuff
  • Character design
  • Pattern design (for some throw cushions for the office)
  • Miscellaneous design for things like promo postcards, stickers, business cards.
  • General advice on pretty things

Client: Awesome! What else can you do?

Me: I also do web design, brand identity, social content marketing, and recently started dabbling in animation.

Client: Wow, neat. Anything else?

Me: I’m really good at speed runs on super mario world

Client: Oh…I see. That’s not really related is it.

Me: No.


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